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For those of you who haven’t already heard of Deezer, it’s a fantastic and free way to discover new music and to share it with your friends. It’s a eclectic mix of a music community, a jukebox where you can listen to music online, a Pandora-like “SmartRadio” service and a range of community features such as news and games.

It is a French website and the site is (as far as I know) fully licensed and legal in France and other countries. Certainly Deezer seems to have been around for a very long time, is fairly popular and hasn’t been taken offline so it would seem to be totally legit. The site is supported by advertising.

When Pandora closed it’s doors to listeners out of the UK, it had a big effect on me. I loved listening to Pandora on the computer because it played the music that I liked and without any adverts. Deezer’s SmartRadio does exactly that. I’ve discovered a lot of new music through Deezer and what’s great is that you can go back and listen to it at any time through the search feature.

You can also link to and embed songs into your webpage. e.g. Check out Utopia by Goldfrapp.

Deezer gets my seal of approval!

6 thoughts on “Deezer – Free Music

  1. It’s true – Deezer blows now – they must have gotten slammed. I’m in Canada – could this be a “country-by-country” issue? If so, it’s worth getting into proxies etc. Wow. Deezer really sucks now and there’s no official news – they should come clean and say what went down.

  2. Agreed. I gave up on Deezer a while ago. My playlist here in Canada is pretty much frozen. I’m satisfied with a mix of Radio Paradise, Smooth Lounge, KCRW, and Grooveshark.

  3. I think deezer completely sucks. I took their six montgfree trial and despite contacting them to cancel after only a few days, they still took 2 months subscription. Getting an answer from when which I could actually understand was pretty much impossible. Even their emails contained that excruciatingly annoying French arrogance. I would recommend that you avoid deezer at all costs.

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