Energy Saving Day

Did anyone know it was Energy Saving Day in the UK today? I certainly didn’t, but I just found out on BBC News.

They’re hoping for a 3% reduction in the energy usage – the equivalent of taking a coal-fired power station off line for the day.

The hilarious thing is not that nobody even knew it was “Energy Saving Day” but energy usage today is actually up. As of 8:26, usage of power is 0.9% up on usual and overall, we’re 3.2% up on power usage from normal.

Apparently the National Grid is using this as a bit of a scientific experiment, to see how much we can reduce our energy consumption by.

I really wish the experiment the best with this, but there has been zero awareness of this “Energy Saving Day” and it looks terrible that energy consumption is actually higher. I’ll of course be turning off my TV, computer and other appliances when not in use as usual. If you want to see whether power consumption really goes up during commercial breaks in Corrie, here’s your chance.

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