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So the first batch of summer exams at university are over. One of my comprehensive summer exam questions involved calculating the CO2 footprint of a Google search. By a stroke of chance, I happened to have blogged about that exact topic just a couple of months ago and made my own calculations. So it really does seem like being a blogger can really help you out in places you really never would have expected it to.

And in another example, last November I wrote about how I used my blog statistics page as a MSN Messenger service status page. Whenever I’ve had issues accessing the MSN/Windows Live Messenger service, Microsoft’s official status page has never had any useful information. Yet on my blog, I often immediately see increases in traffic in the order of 10x-15x on certain pages. That signals to me that there is a service outage for everybody — as opposed to a network connection problem on my end. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating my own “unofficial service status page” which would be automatically generated using some statistical techniques (to determine whether there are irregular service problems) and geolocation (to determine exactly where people are finding problems connecting from i.e. whether it’s a worldwide issue). Alas, I’ve never had the time to put this together properly.

So anyway, blogging is really rewarding and it really can help you gain insights which you just wouldn’t have otherwise.

Anyhow, I’ve decided that this blog needs a bit of a change as I feel it’s identity and purpose has changed a lot over recent times. Long time readers will be used to articles about programming, economics & current affairs and science. But more recently, I feel the blog has changed pace – focusing more on how to get the best out of technology and communications technology. This was a result from the fantastic feedback on these posts.

I’ve tried to reconcile the two visions of what the blog should be about but I feel that it’s best the blog is split into two:

  • A consumer-focused technology and communications blog
  • A possibly more technical blog with random experiments, bits of science and economics and thoughts on life.

So you’ll be seeing a couple of changes – hopefully improvements – round here in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for your support with the blog and I hope you’ll enjoy the new blogs!

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