Far Afield: Soundscape Music

Far Afield is a fascinating soundscape compilation album which is free to listen to and download from the Internet Archive.

Similar to the Birdsong DAB radio station that I’ve mentioned in the past, Far Afield consists of field recordings of sounds from both natural and artificial sources. But the recordings don’t turn out as walls of random noise because the recordings are specifically focused around using the rhythms and melodies as focal points.

Curator Fred Yarm says:

The results that I received were astounding. The tracks represent everything from highly composed tracks telling stories or capturing the essence of far away locales to straight field recordings that the artist felt did not need any processing to demonstrate the beauty of the situation. Cracking ice on a lake, cicada songs, rusty gates, dripping water, moving trains, and a handful of other captured sounds provided the instrumental palettes for these compositions. Many thanks are to be given to the artists who accepted this challenge to coax such delightful music and beauty out of unplanned and un-orchestrated events.

It’s well worth downloading this CC-licensed album, putting it on your iPod and having a listen. In our daily routines: the commute to work and the incessant ringing of the phone in the office, we’re all too used to hearing the same sounds again and again. Far Afield can immerse you in an altogether different place.

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