Free Delivery on – Charges Scrapped

Creative Commons License photo: joiseyshowaa

In a move which should improve price transparency, Amazon has essentially scrapped the delivery charge on its website.

To qualify for free super saver delivery, you now only need to spend £5 rather than £15. Given very few things cost under £5, this isn’t a tough feat! For orders under £5, you’ll still have to pay a delivery charge which is likely to dwarf the cost of your purchase. One book costs £2.75+VAT to ship and an electronic item £5.88+VAT to ship. In most cases, you will find it cheaper to buy a really cheap item in order to get your order up to £5 to avoid paying delivery. Use the Filler Item Finder for this. For example take a pack of 8 Duracell AA batteries for £3, or get a cheap kids book for 60p which you can recycle or use as a stocking filler.

I hate hidden prices online so I think it’s a fantastic move. A few weeks back, a company tried to charge me P&P for a ticket. Fair enough you might say but I think it was £1 for an e-ticket (because it actually costs them £1 to send an email!) or £1.65 to pick it up from the box office in person (because they pay their box office staff about £1.65 per half minute). Ebay has a certain problem with really cheap items with extortionate shipping fees. In some ways, Amazon Marketplace has had the same issue in the past… I remember buying an SD card for about £1.50 and paying £4.50 for P&P. Anyway, great news.

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