Google launches web browser: Google Chrome

The duckies invade Google
Creative Commons License photo: Yodel Anecdotal

Wow, what can I say. This surprised me. Google is launching it’s own browser called Google Chrome. They created a comic book to announce it to the world, which is summed up at Google Blogoscoped.

It’s based on the WebKit engine also used in Safari, and includes Google Gears by default. They’ve taken bits from Safari and Mozilla and included it in this project, which they’ve also open sourced.

It’ll be interesting with another browser in the space. It launches tommorow when us web developers can finally have a play with it and see what it’s like.

2 thoughts on “Google launches web browser: Google Chrome

  1. I’m looking forward to trying it out, the per tab processess looks very good!

    I often have websites overloading and crashing the whole browser which is quite annoying.

    Also be interested to see how the V8 javascript engine does in the SunSpider benchmarking tests.

  2. I’ve seen Google Chrome, but apparently the Reflection.js does not work properly! It works perfectly with IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera, why not with this new one?
    Have you there some suggestion about this?

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