It's rewarding being a blogger

Almost two years ago, I experienced an persistent error in my Javascript development in one of my scripts. It was the case of the “Expected identifier, string or number” error from having an extra comma at the end of a function. I made a blog entry about it to share my experiences solving the problem.

Somehow my blog entry got indexed by Google and started turning up on a lot of search results. The post has received over 1,500 hits in just the last quarter (the higher number of visitors on weekdays indicates its genuine traffic) and I’ve been receiving quite a few comments and thank you messages! It’s really rewarding knowing that a blog post you made has saved others a bit of time!

I know that whenever I’ve had problems getting something to work – might that be Linux, Javascript or Windows I’ve always turned to Google and the rest of the internet for help. And I’m really glad that the archive of posts and “solutions to problems” that I’ve accumulated over the years on this blog has been useful and given something back to the community.

In other news, haven’t we just have the most wonderful weather in Britain lately?

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