Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds

A friend of mine recently sent me a few videos from the musical version of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds: an absolutely stunning musical based on the HG Wells’ book. Some of you might be familiar with Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds album which is 30 years old this year.

The musical starts with the song Eve of the War and two other notable songs include Forever Autumn and The Spirit of Man and features Justin Hayward, Tara Blaise and of course Russell Watson who is also responsible for the Star Trek: Enterprise theme tune 🙂

The tour was really well produced. There is an huge orchestra on stage and the production perfectly blends stage action with computer generated films and giant 3D robots which shoot laser beams into the audience.

I strongly urge people to get the DVD of the live tour, recorded at Wembley Arena, which is simply stunning. And for those of us who didn’t manage to go to the live tour earlier this year, there is good news! Jeff Wayne writes on the official forums:

This new year, for TWOTW, will be quite active again – the 30th Anniversary of the release of the original recording looms, (30 years, incredible!) and there are some new special projects being planned to help celebrate that event, for release commencing around June. We also expect to announce a third UK tour during that period for sometime early 2009, which will hopefully have, yet again, a number of new and exciting ingredients that take our live show to even greater heights – a true Mark 3 version.

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