June 2008

It’s been another really enjoyable month to be maintaining Cow’s Blog. Again, I feel like I’ve really learnt many worthwhile things and read some comments which really challenged my views. So thank you for all participating and I hope you’ve read something here which has peaked your interest or made you look at something in a different way!

A particular thank you to the major commenters this month: Ramble, Carl M, ghassan, Lewis, ciju, Tim, felicity, James Baker.

My personal favourite posts from June include:

As usual, I’m always looking for feedback and thoughts on the blog. One avenue I will be giving thought to is a new name for the blog in the next few weeks; it doesn’t really mean anything and “Cow’s Blog” hardly conveys the right message!

June was a really busy month for me with examinations at college; now it’s all over I’m going to get a breath of fresh air and to do something different! The blog might be slightly quieter over the next few weeks!

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