Philips MCB204 & DAB Radio

I got a Philips MCB204 Micro Hi-Fi System a few days ago for my room. It’s a micro hi-fi which has DAB and FM radio, USB memory stick support, CD (including MP3/WMA-CD and rewritable ones) and a tape cassette player.

I think it’s a beautiful piece of kit and at just £48, it’s a total steal. You’ll except to pay £40 just for a DAB radio, so for a few quid extra, it’s great having all these extra functions.

Before getting DAB, I never really saw the point of digital radio as I tuned my radio to one of our local stations and it stayed tuned onto that station for about the last year! Planet Rock is an absolutely amazing radio station on DAB though; it plays the likes of Pink Floyd, Yes, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. Since Pandora disappeared, Planet Rock has become my soundtrack!

Unfortunately DAB radio has been going through some problems lately. GCap removed some of it’s stations from DAB. Channel 4 are set to launch several digital radio stations later this year but the launch has already been delayed and several channels were dropped.

Some people will remember when ITV Digital collapsed in the UK. Out of the ashes of ITV Digital came Freeview which is the most popular method of receiving digital television today. It’s possible that GCap leaving the DAB platform could revolutionise some thinking about digital radio and lead to new service which better delivers what people want.

Still, if you’re looking for a really good and cheap hi-fi system with DAB support, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to beat the MCB204.

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  1. Wow, this looks really great! I’ve been thinking about buying some inexpensive audio equipment for my kitchen, cooking without sound is boring and carrying my laptop around is just not convenient (plus the speakers are crap, unfortunately). Thanks for the tip, i’ll take a closer look at this 🙂

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