September 2008

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It’s been a very hectic month! The news was dominated by the global financial crisis and that’ll have knock on effects on everything in the next year or so. When companies are less confident about the future, they’re less willing to invest in developing new technologies. With more tax money going towards bailing out failing financial institutions, it could change the climate for spending on science and technology. It remains to be seen what the effects on our industry will be.

We started off September with the launch of Google’s new Chrome Browser. It recieved some lukewarm reviews but many of us were surprised to see Google promoting the browser to the masses amongst the big security and privacy issues.

We also had some interesting research relating to social networking sites such as Facebook. Sociologists have described “ambient awareness” from Facebook and microblogging taking society back in the direction of intimiate village networks. Research by O2 found that due to modern communications, the six degrees of freedom are now just three.

Highway Insomnia
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We had the official opening of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN which caused a ridiculous panic about the world ending. Unfortunately, there are a few issues at CERN at the moment which have caused it to be delayed for a few months so I hope all goes well and they’ll be able to get the LHC fully operational soon.

In the UK, we also had the launch of the iPhone on Pay As You Go. I asked what the alternatives to the iPhone were.

Elsewhere on the blog, I discussed how we could solve the issues of climate change and environmental degredation by using simple economic schemes. I also asked, “What is the most efficient language?“. I was very surprised at the number of speakers of the Esperanto language there are on this blog and they’ve contributed some really interesting thoughts which are worth reading!

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