Sick of Quizzes and Application Spam on your Facebook News Feed?

Creative Commons License photo: Andrew Mason

I’m sure it’s not just me who is beginning to get sick of “quiz spam” on Facebook. By this, I mean when you’re greeted with other people’s results from pointless quizzes such as “What Pokemon are you?”, “What does your name really mean?” and “What is your IQ?”.

Not only are these tests pointless, they are inaccurate. I’ve seen IQ tests where everybody I know has had a IQ above 130. I don’t believe it’s accurate for a second but application developers know that if they massage your ego then you’ll be more likely to tell your friends about the application.

These applications have absolutely blossomed over the last few months because they force you to invite dozens of friends before you can view results. Additionally, jumping onto the whole user-generated content theme, there are now Facebook applications that allow anybody to create their own quiz applications. The result is an exponential growth (but decrease in quality) of quiz applications and the associated news feed spam.

Regular reader Ryan asks how long it will be until Facebook goes the way of MySpace – the answer is probably not too long unless Facebook does something about this problem.

Users of Firefox and Greasemonkey can take issues into their own hands, however. The Facebook Purity Greasemonkey script removes all messages on your Facebook News Feeds from quizzes and other external applications. It’ll only leave behind status updates, wall posts, links, posted items, photos, notes and videos. Very, very useful.

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