Silent Disco – Great Clubbing Concept

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I just got back from Reading Festival and had a fantastic time. Saw some great bands like Pendulum, MGMT, Rage Against the Machine, The Killers and more.

One really interesting feature at the Reading Festival was the silent disco. It’s a really novel and interesting take on the clubbing concept where everybody is provided with a set of wireless headphones (as pictured). Simply instead of music being pumped out through speakers, it’s played through personal headphones.

At Reading, the silent disco was set up as a battle between two DJs. The headphones can pick up two different channels and a different DJ played on each channel. This was pretty hilarious at times – you could be rocking away to Barbie Girl whilst your friends may be dancing away to Metallica.

Sometimes a tune will come on one of the channels which everybody will start singing – you can take off your headphones and find out how well (or badly) your friends really can sing. And if you walked into the tent without headphones, you’d wonder what everybody was doing.

Silent Disco originally came to the UK at Glastonbury Festival because of complaints about noise coming from the disco. Since then, it’s evolved into quite a concept in it’s own. It’s certainly an experience and lots of good fun! I don’t know whether it’s the novelty quickly wearing off or the high costs of providing headphones to everybody but I don’t know of any “silent discos” outside of the various music festivals.

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