Instant Messaging & Facebook is an multi-network IM client similar to Gaim, Trillian, etc. The difference is that it integrates with your Facebook contacts and allows you to talk to them whatever IM network they use.

I really do think this is an application which solves a problem. On Facebook I’ve currently got about 100 contacts – the vast majority of who are “good” contacts who I actually know from school or work. I’ve always been surprised by the fact that people who hate the internet and computers can still be found on Facebook! Meanwhile, my MSN contact list contains about 200 contacts, the vast majority of whom I never speak to any more. What can do is to utilise the fantastic list of contacts you already have on Facebook and allow you to talk to them regardless of which IM network they reside on.

It doesn’t have any of these cool features that MSN Messenger has like games, voice clips and whatever but hey… it does the job.

Via Inside Facebook.

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