Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth

After the cancellation of Stargate SG-1, it was decided that SG-1 would be finished off with two movies: The Ark of Truth which would wrap up the Ori storyline and Continuum which will have some time travel and all that malarkey. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing The Ark of Truth, especially as it’s a movie: it’ll be interesting to see whether it’s a lot more epic than the TV series given the larger budget.

According to Gateworld, it’ll be aired in the UK on Sky One on Wednesday 26th March at 8pm. It’ll then go onto DVD for the 14th April.

The Ark of Truth stars SG-1‘s Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Claudia Black, and Beau Bridges in a story that spans the galaxies. With our own galaxy under seige by the armies of the Ori — powerful ascended beings who demand worship from “lower” life forms — SG-1 must take the Odyssey through the Supergate into the enemy’s own territory. There they hope to find a device created by the Ancients millennia ago, which they hope will stop the Ori worshipers from killing millions of innocents.

For the Americans, it’ll come out on DVD on Tuesday 11th March. I’d be really interested in hearing from the Stargate fans who read this blog what they think of “The Ark of Truth” when they see it!

Looking forward to it!

3 thoughts on “Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth

  1. Omit the words “finished off” above, and replace it with the word “continued”.

    With proper reception, the movies are going to be on-going.

    There will be a 3rd movie, which is already in the works to be produced.

    And, there will be a 3rd series, called STARGATE UNIVERSE.

    The only thing that is “finishing itself off” is NBC universal Sci Fi channel, which, after cancelling just about every show people liked, including stifling MST3K, dumping Dresden Files, messing up Battlestar Galactica so bad that Ron Moore its creator joined the picket lines against NBC, nbc killing the Bionic Woman, canceling The 4400, cutting Journeyman, and canceling Stargate SG-1, now has barely anything on it that anyone even cares about, and will be left with no tv viewers except ECW wrestling goons.

    So just like JAMES BOND, which is still going strong, which MGM also owns, Stargate continues to have immense support and is continuing without the sci fi channel (a lot of shows are now avoiding sci fi channel) and the legacy of Stargate is going forward.

    Stargate The Ark of Truth is available on for pre-order. And in the United Kingdom. And the Stargate SG-1 movie is already number 1 on the BEST SELLING MOVIE DVD list, and it’s not even released yet. 🙂

    There’s strong demand, so better go get your order in over there if you want a copy, because tons of people are snapping them up fast.

  2. I’m also looking forward to the release of this movie on Tuesday. I’m going to be tuning into Atlantis on Friday to see the sneak peek trailer. OpusOne, I didn’t know about a third movie but I figured more would be made if these two did well. It’s great to see the pre-orders are doing so well on amazon 🙂

    If you want to spread the word more to help the sales along, here’s a really cool widget

  3. Well I downloaded it because I can’t get sky due to trees and no cable in this area, it’s a very good film – I haven’t kept up with stargate but I watched alot of it before hand but this could be a standalone film that you could watch without watching SG – 1, although it would sort of spoil watching previous series.

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