Stargate Universe: New Stargate Series

About this time last year, people started talking about Stargate Universe and I speculated on what it could be about. Well, more information about the series has now been released!

The new series is still in a concept stage but the series is based on a ship which was part of an Ancient experiment – an experiment which was set in motion millions of years ago. The experiment is to send two ships across the universe: The first ship seeds galaxies with Stargates. A second ship then follows up and uses those Stargates to explore the galaxies. The ninth chevron is to get to that ship. The experiment was never started/completed because the Ancients got busy ascending.

Sounds complicated. However it’s possible that the series won’t materialise for a couple of years yet. It has already been delayed by the writers strike in America, is fairly expensive to produce and producer Brad Wright has indicated that he isn’t anxious to return to a schedule of filming 40 hours of television a year. My thoughts are that “Universe” is unlikely to begin until Atlantis or at least the SG-1 movies have concluded.

I must admit though, I can’t say I’m particularly excited about the sounds of this series. Atlantis has done the whole Ancients thing and SG-1 and Atlantis have both become more ship-based towards the recent years. Of course I’m not privy to all the details but it’s definitely not a huge departure from what we’ve already seen.

2 thoughts on “Stargate Universe: New Stargate Series

  1. I have a really bad feeling about this new series ‘Stargate Universe’. I hope I am wrong but, like so many have already said – is this going to be a Stargate Voyager or Stargate Deep Space Nine – I REALLY hope not!! That would spoil the whole franchise and kill of the Stargate ethos once and for all……hope the writers and producers do it right and start off with a bang at the outset – I can see (again, I hope I’m wrong) this becoming old, very very quickly….Oh! Yeah! They should also bring Jack back…..

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