TestFreaks: Product Review Aggregator

TestFreaks is a new breed of technology product review website (still in beta). It is very easy to use and aggregates information from all over the world and all over the web. You’ll find both expert (from selected magazines and websites) and user reviews. There are also forum discussions, images and videos aggregated from both YouTube and Google Video.

According to the TestFreaks website the site utilises the following sources: “User reviews, professional reviews, prices, blog posts, forum threads, news, rumors, manufacturers descriptions and specifications, manuals, videos and more.”

Products are categorised tidily and logically and you’ll find everything here from new TV and DVD player to a new webcam for your computer. Under each category, it’ll tell you the most popular product and also the website offering the product for the lowest price.

There is a feature to compare the specifications of products side-by-side as well as the price on different online shops. Scores (“FreakGrades”) for each product are calculated from user reviews. Given the strong pound, more and more British consumers are buying gadgets abroad so it might have been nice for TestFreaks to have an option of looking at non-British stores (although they do have a US website).

Finally, TestFreaks also has their own forum to discuss consumer gadgets. It seems quite quiet at the moment but TestFreaks is still a young site and I can see a community developing around the website as it begins to gain more users.

An easy-to-use and powerful website which can save you a lot of time and money – I know I’ll certainly consult TestFreaks next time I buy a gadget.

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