The Mystery White Box of MSN/Windows Live Messenger

Mystery White Box

I’ve noticed that this evening some mystery white boxes have begun to appear in Windows Live Messenger beneath display pictures. It’s just a strange white square which doesn’t seem to do anything.

Why am I making a post about such a seemingly banal thing you ask? Well…

It’s not in all conversation windows. And I’ve heard that certain people using Windows Live Messenger 9 see a Microsoft Office icon rather than a blank square.

The reason why this is possibly significant is because it could hint that Microsoft is launching a way for people to collaborate on Microsoft Office documents through Windows Live Messenger. A way to collaborate on work through WLM and Office certainly seems a lot more natural than using Google Docs.

I had a phase where I developed a few small applications which integrated with Windows Live Messenger and there was definitely a hint of future Office integration in there. In the “What am I listening to?” music feature, changing one argument in the API function call would give you the Office logo instead in the message

My prediction is that Microsoft is just about to launch a feature where you can collaborate on documents. The only thing is there doesn’t seem to be any logic in which contacts the white box appears with. I thought it might have been visible for people who used Office 2007 but that doesn’t seem to be the case, nor does it seem to matter whether the other person has a copy of Office running.

Watch this space…

10 thoughts on “The Mystery White Box of MSN/Windows Live Messenger

  1. haha, i had the same question. it appear first on my sister window its for everyone’s windows chat..i started to asking why does this appear but no one seem to be able to awser me. but i guess thats not the right awnser too..we must investigate that..haha


  2. I’ve read more than 50 random answer about this issue on Yahoo! Answers just now, some said it’s a bug and some said that the box appears when a person has a webcam and some said its an update and you can only see the feature if u have 9.0 beta version of messenger and more from this kinda random personal answers!

    Till now, i haven’t found any specific answer on MSN regards to the subject, who knows it might be some kinda of a new ADS from MSN!

    Cheers 😉

  3. Oh yeah, I meant to add it’s just an icon. It’s not clickable… it does absolutely nothing.

    (side note, the only office product I have installed is Word 2000 and I can see it on all “online/busy etc.” and (I think) “appear offline” contacts)

  4. You and I seem to be some of the very few people who have posted about this so far. Interesting the Office link idea. But why would it be there if no Office? I have office 2k3 and it does nothing with that older version.

  5. Yeah I saw it all of sudden a few days ago, I was wondering what’s going on, I’m using WLM 9 beta, I have office 2007

    I’m thinking that it would be maybe a part to link Office Communicator with Windows Live Messenger.

    Guess we only can wait and see

  6. Yeah, I have the box too, but for me, it’s on all windows. I’ve been researching and I have found that on most websites, if not all, that I have looked at, it talks about how the box ONLY appears in some windows, but that isn’t the case. Does that make the reason different for me? By the way, I do have Microsoft Office 2007 on my computer. If you get anything, let me know, please!

  7. Yes i have windows vister (irrelivent) and im running windows live messenger not BETA and it is posibly a Aplication to conect word, excel, powerpoint and publisher together so one person is able to read wile the outher assesses it as they write..

    just an idea, may not possibly be the answer but it is certinly something to do with Microsoft Office 2007 because thats the logo on the frount of all the latest windows office products

  8. Thought this would be of some help.

    June 13
    A weird white box or Office logo.
    aaron posted by Aaron

    Hey Messenger users, Aaron here. We are seeing an issue where Messenger versions 8.1 and 8.5 are experiencing a technical issue that is causing a blank white box to appear in the conversation window. If you are the 9.0 beta you might be seeing an Office Logo. Believe it or not this is the same bug. The issue does not impact your ability to send and receive messages. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard behind the scenes to lose the box and the logo. Hang tight, it should be back to normal before you know it!


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