THINK! Driving Challenge

I received an e-mail from the team at AMV BBDO about the THINK! Driving Challenge which I wanted to share with all of you.

It is a website which demonstrates just how difficult it is to talk on the mobile phone whilst driving: an issue which is quite close to my heart. Last year I was crossing at a crossroads: opposite was a stationary car. The driver was obviously distracted for some reason and moved off harshly whilst we were crossing. Thankfully she stopped the car a few inches before she knocked us out.

Anyway, give it a go before you proceed any further down the post so it’s not spoilt for you!

DfT Driving Challenge

Nicola Davies writes:

Just over a year on from the introduction of the tough new penalty of three penalty points and a £60 fine for using a mobile phone whilst driving, the Driving Challenge directly builds upon a film made by the University of Illinois 10 years ago which demonstrates the psychological principle of ‘inattentional blindness’.

I wrote about a gorilla/basketball video several years ago which demonstrated this inattentional blindness.


Client: Department for Transport
Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative: Gary Hoff, Stuart Woodall, Sean Vrabel
Account Management: Kate Gault, Giovanna Cucchi, Olivia Browne
Digital Producer: Nicola Davies
Web Production: iCG
Film Production: Brick and Pin
Director: Richard Topping
Exposure: Online

2 thoughts on “THINK! Driving Challenge

  1. I was counting and pressing the space bar, and I thought ‘Is that someone in a rabbit costume?’ I totally didn’t notice it stand in the middle of the street and wave though!

    That’s a really good way of raising awareness of how easily distracted mobile phones can be when driving.

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