TopCashback: Cashback discounts on online shopping

Here’s another credit-crunch busting, money saving tip for all of you online shoppers…

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I’ve been using TopCashback* for my online shopping lately and I think it’s an absolutely fantastic site. Essentially they give you discounts on shopping that you do online. The discount is paid as cashback straight into your bank account or PayPal.

The cashback discounts include 6% off Dell computers, up to 6% on purchases from, £40 on a new broadband contract, etc.

How to use TopCashback

Instead of going straight to the retailer website, you’ll need to go to the TopCashback website first. Make sure you’ve got a TopCashback account and then click on the link to the retailer from there. With some luck, your purchase is tracked and your cashback gets paid to your TopCashback account.

How does it work?

Online retailers often pay commission to websites which refer customers to them. This is how many websites make a profit. The most notable websites which make their profits through commission are price comparison websites such as MoneySupermarket. TopCashback is different in that it pays the entire commission right back to you: the customer.

TopCashback makes money through adverts on their website.

See Money Saving Expert for more info.

An example…

I was recently looking to sign up for O2 Broadband. As an O2 customer, I can get 8mbps broadband for £7.34 per month (£88 per year). That’s already a fantastic deal but on top of that TopCashback is offering £40 cashback on O2 Broadband registrations. After cashback, 8mbps broadband costs just £48 for the 12 months – equivalent to just £4 per month. That’s ridiculously cheap.

What are the alternatives?

Probably the most well known “cashback” site is run by loyalty card Nectar. Nectar’s e-Stores gives an absolutely abysmal amount of cashback through (maybe ~1%) .

There are a couple of others such as Quidco and Cashback Kings. Check to see whether you get charged a fee for using the service and if you get 100% cashback.

Get Cashback

* I earn a referral on registrations using this link. Non-affiliate version:

3 thoughts on “TopCashback: Cashback discounts on online shopping

  1. I am still waiting for the payments of 366 pounds and its been 5 months now. Its been tracked and shows in my account as payable i requested payment and was never paid. Now after 5 months i have been informed that i have to give the customer name, addresses and the account numbers so that they can trace my cashback. Now i have to go back to my friends and ask them for their account numbers and will have to tell them that i was going to get money of your contract which i never did. LOL and now they might ask for their share as well. But thats only if i will get it. I am not from another cashback company and making all this up . My email address is . Come on Topcashback enough is enough. You have got paid so you should pay others . I am just wondering is their is a place where i can log my complain like wtchdog .

  2. I’ve found Topcashback brilliant. Sounds like imkhan has been earning cashback off his friends’ purchases, which makes things difficult if some retailers don’t cough-up the money. For the odd transaction I had difficulty with, I registered the details on the Topcashback websform and they sorted it no problem. They need evidence like order number, date, time etc which is easy if you purchased it yourself, but difficult if you share the account. In a year I’ve earned about £150 which is better than nothing!

    Hi viewers,
    I will agree with imkhan i am in the same sort of situation where its been 6 months and i am still waiting to get paid from topcashback. i’ve contacted them but i am not getting any reply from last 12 days.

    I think i will use the same old cashback site that i was using before. I joined topcashback because they paid more commission but whats the point when you are not going to get paid.

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