UFOs & Why Aliens Haven't Made Contact

Hi guys! I’m back in England… I spent the last two weeks in sunny America and had the delight of seeing Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon as well as spending July 4th in America (odd being British and in America on Independence Day but there goes). You’ve been treated to a couple of scheduled posts over the last two weeks; hopefully we’ll be back to full operation soon!

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When I was in America, I had plenty of opportunity to experience the wonders of American cable television (which also seems to have a ridiculous number of commercial breaks).

I saw a discussion programme about UFOs and there was a theory about UFOs and why “aliens” haven’t yet made contact which I thought was pretty concieved and quite funny.

Now, the standard theory about UFOs is that they are aliens of extra-terrestrial origin. They crash landed at Roswell and the government has been covering it up ever since, either because they feel we are not ready to know or because the military feel it is a tactical advantage to keep such information secret.

They’re actually time travelling humans…

The theory put across by one contributor to the TV show was that they are not actually aliens, but humans from the future. They believe that time travel was discovered in the Philadelphia Experiment. The laws of physics don’t actually prevent time travel; they are apparently possible using wormholes. Some people have claimed to have made small particles travel in time. It is perfectly conceivable that a time travel device could be constructed in the future for humans or spacecraft. This time travel device might arguably be easier than a civilisation developing the capabilities to traverse great distances to make contact with extra-terrestrial civilisations (in this case, us). They argue that UFOs are actually time travellers from the future who have come back to prevent us from making big mistakes which would impact the future (like the temporal agents of “Star Trek: Enterprise”).

The reasons why we can never know the truth about UFOs is because if we know, we’d change the future. We might panic and destroy ourselves.

Why has it been documented that people in circumstances where they might experience more stress (e.g. during Wars) see more UFOs? Psychologists say that these people are more likely to “imagine” or make up stories about being abducted by aliens. But theorists say it’s because those are also the occasions are the ones which we might need more help to stop us from doing what is wrong.

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If there are indeed aliens swarming around in UFOs everywhere, why aren’t there more documented cases, especially with the number of camera phones around these days? Because the future human in their UFOs wouldn’t visit us unless there was something in history to correct.

I thought this was a totally genius theory because it manages to answer why the governments can’t disclose anything about UFOs and the paradoxes of believing UFOs are of extra-terrestrial origin as well as finding a solution for a paradox of time travel.

I thought it was certainly a rather interesting, although rather concieved theory for the origin UFOs. Of course, I’m very skeptical about it as am I about the existance of UFOs. The beauty of the theory is it can’t be disproved. But I’m sure that my future self will be able to come back in time and stop me from making this post to prevent me from the embarrassment of having to admit I’m wrong.

2 thoughts on “UFOs & Why Aliens Haven't Made Contact

  1. I feel that the argument that U.F.Os are people from the future is the correct assessment of the situation. For example,the witnesses from the Rendlesham Forest Incident did indeed see beings during their encounter on that fateful night during Christmass 1980. Everyone knows Larry Warren is quite outspoken about this particular aspect of his involvement in the incident. However, Jim Penniston also saw a lifeform during his encounter although these days he rarely mentions that aspect when recounting his experience during t.v interviews and re-enactments. You see, prior to coming forward to tell the public about what happened during the incident, both Jim Penniston and Colonel Halt had agreed to tell the public a more sanitised and watered down version of the events, meaning, they wanted to tell people about their encounters with the U.F.Os, but they didnt want to mention the fact that both of them also caught glimpses of what they believed to be lifeforms in the forest that night. They didnt want to mention that part because they felt that the case was already sensational enough without mentioning the fact that they also saw something else there that didnt appear to be human. This is one of the reasons both of them were angry towards Larry Warren. They felt that people didnt need to know about that part of the story because it strained the credibility of the case in the eyes of the public. Anyway, to make a long story short, Penniston has implied that what he saw was some sort of robot, and both he and Halt also believe that what they saw, came from the future. There is even some talk of Penniston being told this by the occupant of the craft which was a memory that surfaced after hypnosis.
    People from the future would come here covertly if they were going to come at all. There would be no announcement to the public. Any argument otherwise is naieve. Just try and imagine for one second what you would ask a time traveler from the future if you ever met one. They could tell you a lot about the future, couldnt they? It would be an immense power to know the future but at the same time a tremendous weight knowing that no matter what, you could never try and influence time or events for the sake of one individual, or maybe even for millions of people. What power could it give a nation? What will the human race be like 100 years from now?never mind 50,000 years from now. What would people in our time think of how people live further down the line from now? What taboos will we have conquered? What new evils will we do? What condition is the world in, in the future? By the way, after the Hypnosis session, Penniston also mentioned that he had been told that the visitors were coming here because of a problem they were having procreating in the future. Their gene pool seems to have been damaged somehow. They also mentioned that the world is different then.
    “You cant tell the people” by Georgina Bruni is the best book available about the Rendlesham Forest Incident and it is a book I would reccomend to anyone interested in this material.

  2. It would seem to have escaped the attention of the debunkers of the Rendlesham Forest landings that Colonel Halt has recently admitted to misleading the public back in 1980.
    It would seem that he was a part of a campaign by the British and American military to discredit the landing of Alien spacecraft at Rendlesham Forest either through agreement or force.
    The reason for this was blatantly clear to all but the most ignorant of debunkers and has to do with the age old threat of religion.As soon as Alien life is confirmed the meaning of religion goes out of the window and the control of the masses through religion by world goverments is instantly lost.
    It would seem that either Halt has come to his senses through his own accord,or alternatively and much more likely,been subjected to threats by the authorities and has had to admit the truth in public for his own protection,as now he has made a public statement confirming the events it would be much harder for them to make him “go missing”.
    The whole case is full of lies and misleading nonsense by the military and other goverment departments,including Nick Pope’s useless UFO investigation office,which was in itself an abortive attempt by the mandarins in Whitehall to allay the public’s suspicion’s.
    Just another strange coincidence regarding Colonel Halt and that is his current town of residence in the States.Would you believe he lives in Woodbridge,Virginia.Anyhow,whatever you believe personally,the whole investigation was the subject of deliberate misinformation (or disinformation) by both the American and British.

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