Vivaty: 3D Virtual World for Facebook

Vivaty looks like a really interesting application – it’s a 3D social networking application a little like Second Life but plugs in to Facebook:

Grab your photos and videos – any image from the web – and you’re in. Hang out, chat with friends, watch videos, listen to music, and more. Jump from scene to scene with anyone you invite, your Facebook friends are just clicks away. It’s all in the browser, no waiting for big downloads to install. You’ll be saying “your place or mine?” in no time.

The idea is you create an avatar and a your own “scene” where you can hang out. But Vivaty claims to provide a lot more than just providing live chat. For example, you can add a television to your scene to watch YouTube and then invite your friends over to your scene to watch it together.

The problem with many “social web 2.0” websites is that they don’t have access to your social graph and friends list. This is why I think Facebook is an amazing platform for social web apps and why I would instantly switch over to IM which utilises Facebook’s friends list. I have accounts on sites like, Flickr and Youtube but it’s just not the same: most people don’t have accounts on these sites so it’s much harder to share your photos and videos.

I think Vivaty could take off, certainly amongst the Second Life crowd. I’m not sure whether the typical Facebook user would be interested in Vivaty however: Facebook users tend to be college students at the very youngest and tend to be fairly busy people.

Maybe somebody would be interested in beta testing Vivaty but otherwise: one to watch!

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