We're Back!

Welcome back to the blog! Unfortunately we had a few issues related to Gentoo Linux over the last few days which has caused the server to be inaccessible. I hope this didn’t cause too much inconvinience for anybody! If you have sent me an email in the last few days and did not recieve a response, please send it again!

Neondragon did an absolutely fantastic job setting up a brand new server from scratch, encoutering issues like not being able to gain access to the server facility at weekends and various software incompatibilities with hardware. The server issues obviously came at a very bad time for all of us soa special thank you must go out to him for managing to find the time and expertise to sort everything out! The Evolution MMORPG and other sites running on the server should be operational; if you encounter any issues, please let us know!

Obviously time flies on the internet! I’m very pleased to be able to report that I received 4 A grades in my Advanced Level results on Thursday. This means I’ll be studying Physics next year in London! I’m currently working full time and I’ve recently been doing a lot of work with XML schemas and validation routines. I’m also doing a fair bit of work on the Mozilla Platform which I hope to write about soon!

Anyway, it’s great to be back, and we’ve got a lot of blog posts to be made up for!

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