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I finally managed to get my hands on Wii Fit! In the UK, Wii Fit has been around for a week but there has been chronic shortages of stock. It hasn’t been available on Amazon and other major stores for the last few weeks.

I was tipped off by a friend that my local Woolworths was in stock. I had a chat to the cashier and discovered that they had sold out of Wii Fit on the day it launched. The only reason they were in stock was because they received a further three copies of Wii Fit at lunchtime. So I was particularly lucky! I’d really recommend shopping around and checking out a range of stores before giving up on getting a copy of Wii Fit!

I must say that the Wii Fit box was quite heavy. I didn’t expect that it would be so heavy and my Woolworths was on the other side of town! I’m ashamed to admit that my bones and muscles started to ache on the long walk back, but hey, Wii Fit was so well designed that you can start getting fit before you even get home and set it up!

Wii Fit was easy to set up. You get a balance board which is basically just some supercharged scales which can find your centre of gravity and so on. Before playing Wii Fit I had to install a Wii Software Update and synchronise the balance board with the console. On first run, it asks for information such as your date of birth, height and date of birth. From this information and your weight (measured by the balance board), it calculates your body mass index (BMI). The BMI tells you whether you are underweight or overweight. It then runs you through a few other activities to find your centre of gravity to give you a Wii fit age. My age was 26, a couple of years older than I actually am, but I was fairly pleased with it!

Once everything is set up, there are a range of activities from skiing to heading footballs, from press-ups to yoga, from jogging to hula hooping. I managed to sneak in about 15 minutes of exercise and it’s been fantastic fun so far! I’ll write a bit more about Wii Fit soon but so far, from first impressions, I really recommend this game to everyone.

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  1. I would classify Wii Fit as a game personally! I managed to clock up 30 minutes of exercise without even realising it! The only thing that stopped me from doing 30 minutes today was that everyone else was hogging the Wii!

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