Yahoo! Search in Opera Speed Dial

I’ve been giving Opera a bit of a spin lately as a browser to replace Internet Explorer as my secondary browser. Anyway… Opera has a nice “Speed Dial” feature which appears when you open the browser. It features screenshots and links to 9 websites that you can preselect. By no means a killer feature and you can get a similar feature in Firefox via an extension but a nice feature none the less.

What I don’t understand is why there is Yahoo! Search functionality built into the top of the Speed Dial whilst Google Search functionality is provided in the search box in the top right corner. It makes no sense to me that a browser would offer you both a Yahoo and Google search box.

Opera Speed Dial

If somebody really wanted to use Yahoo!, they can switch to Yahoo! using the dropdown menu next to the search box.

I’d hazard a guess that this redundant, and quite frankly confusing, piece of user interface exists as Yahoo! have paid Opera to include their search box on the speed dial.

One thought on “Yahoo! Search in Opera Speed Dial

  1. this is simple.
    yahoo has payed them, in the older ones there was no speed dial but the google search box was around long before I found opera.
    I would bet nearly all the money I had that they have been payed for this

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